Sushi Catering

Put a twist to your lunch menu by serving authentic sushi.

Marvin Garden’s food service partnerships can help your business grow by providing high quality restaurant style food during employee lunch, business meetings and other corporate events. We specialize in creating a food program that meets all of your employee’s and client’s taste buds while allowing you to remain profitable.

Catering services are available to our corporate partners.

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Food Service Partnerships

Profit Sharing

Marvin Garden’s food service partnerships can help sustain your business through healthy and savory meal options that will have your employees, clients and corporate partners energized and happy. We specialize in creating a budget friendly daily, weekly or monthly food program that includes over 50 savory dishes and options.

Our program can allow you to stay profitable and focus on running your business.

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Let's Grow Together

With over 40 years of experience in the food industry, Marvin Gardens can help your business grow by providing you with quality food, outstanding customer service and an overall great experience for the people you care the most about.

Profitable Partnerships

Corporate and small business partners seeking to diversify their employee or client food programs will receive competitive pricing points that work with their current budget. Your profitability is important to us, therefore, we will work with you to reach your goals.

Become a Strategic Partners

The staff and leadership at Marvin Gardens Restaurant & Grill will go the extra mile to  achieve an upward trend in profitability, client or employee satisfaction and successful.

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